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Doggie Daycare

We treat your pets like family. Doggie daycare is a great option if you work long hours, have company in town, or just want to run some errands while your pooch makes new human and doggie friends.

Daycare $25 per day; $100 for 5 days to use when you need

Supervised activity

Spacious outdoor play area

Give Your Dog a Treat with Doggie Daycare

How many dogs go out to play at one time?

Only one dog at a time goes outside. A kennel technician accompanies the pet and acts as human playmate.

The one-dog-at-a-time practice ensures your pet gets plenty of one-on-one time. And doesn’t get stressed out with other dogs.

About safety & comfort

We have protocols in place to ensure your pet’s safety. Many members of our staff are trained in animal CPR.

The kennels are tied into the rest of the facility, so there’s adequate heating, cooling, and ventilation. Fresh air and a climate-controlled environment ensure your pet is comfortable.

About your peace of mind

Many pet parents feel guilty about leaving their pets home alone while they go to work. And some dogs hate being alone and might misbehave. You can enjoy peace of mind while they’re at daycare. You’ll know they’re having fun, being well cared for, and enjoying exercise.  

For more information about our services or to schedule a consultation at our pet clinic, call us today.

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Give Your Dog a Treat with Doggie Daycare

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